Highway 431 – the three lane 22km (13.5 mile) shadow toll highway, located in the central part of the country, is operated under a PFI format as part construction and O&M agreement with the state. 

431 Ways Operation and Control Ltd provides complete O&M solutions for  project’s concessionaire (25 years concession).

The highway utilizes 100% road camera coverage ability and an automatic incident detection system. Another unique feature is its geometric configuration, which includes service roads located parallel to the highway. This in turn, enables regulating traffic flow more easily. Moreover, company performs continuous preventive maintenance activities and immediately responses to drivers utilizing its patrol unit, which operates 24/7


The Team


nir hazut


Nir Hazut

General Manager




Nir serves as GM since 2013.

Nir joined the Derech Eretz Group in 2002 and since then, served in various positions including establishing and managing Safe Way group company.

Nir also served as Highway No. 6Enforcement Department Manager. Prior joining the group, Nir spent several years the field of operational driving.

Nir holds an MBA from Open University of Israel as well as a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion University



elad lerner


Elad Lerner

Systems & Infrastructure Manager




Elad joined the Derech Eretz group in 2008 as the Control Room Manager in 431 WaysElad’s current position includes managing all existing systems including maintenance, traffic management, traffic lights, bridges, sidewalks, geographic information, lighting as well as coordination with external stakeholders.

Elad is a licensed Electrical and Electronics Engineer with certification from Holon Institute of Technology