Hacarmel Lanes Systems and Operation Ltd operates the Carmel Tunnels – 6km (4 mile) bidirectional tunnels (opened in December 2010), comprising a unique and most complex technological infrastructure and traffic tunnel project.

The tunnels utilizes several technological systems including traffic management and control, 100% Video coverage, control room and toll collection plazas (both manual and free-flow lanes for subscribers).

Attributed to its complexity, the project meets the highest international standards for safety and environment quality

Providing comprehensive operational solutions:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Toll collection systems and OCC
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Traffic control and management systems
  • Engineering supervision
  • Safety management
  • Back Office and Customer Service Center
  • Collection from customers 
  • Marketing & PR
  • Online services 
  • Patrol units operating 24/7, which among others assist, free of charge, to tunnels users


The Team 


amikay cohen


Amichay Cohen

General Manager




Amichai serves as GM since 2009.

Amichay directed company’s establishment including employees’ recruitment and training, systems implementation and secure required approvals from the state.

Amichay has worked for the Derech Eretz Group intermittently since 2002 and managed Highway No. 6 Enforcement and Collection Departments among other activities within the Group.

Amichay holds an MBA in Business Administration from College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon Lezion where he majored in Information Systems and a BA in Business Administration from Ruppin Academic Center



mati shaltiel


Matti Shaltiel

Operations Manager




Matti assumed current position in 2013 and is responsible for all routine and emergency O&M, in addition to coordination and liaison with all relevant authorities and rescue services.Prior joining the Group, Matti held various managerial positions in Flextronics, a global subcontractor for complex electronic and mechanical assembly. His positions included Customer Quality Management, Team Manager and Project Manager of strategic projects.Matti previously served as an envoy to Chile on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Matti holds a BA in Business Administration from Ruppin Academic Center and was also certified there as a Practical Industrial Engineer and Manager



shani binter


Shani Bitner Kiblitzki

Customer Service Manager




Shani assumed current position in 2010. Shani’s responsibilities include oversight of customers related issues, back office management, toll systems operators, decryption team and the call center.

Shani joined the group in 2005 and has held several positions in the customer service department of Highway No. 6. In 2009, Shani transferred to the team responsible for establishing the HaCarmel Lanes where she was responsible for implementing a customer service system