North Road Operation and Maintenance Ltd manages and operates over 270km (over 165 mile) of traffic lanes in the northern part of the country under PFI format (Private Finance Initiative).

The project, which involves rehabilitation and operation of major roads networks, spreads over a 20 year concession and focuses on rehabilitation and renewal of existing roads followed by operation and maintenance of the entire network throughout the period of the franchise. 

Company operates an operation center, patrol and control teams 24/7



 The Team


amir bar natan


Amir Bar-Natan

General Manager




Amir has served as GM of North Road since 2010.  Amir has played a major role in the establishment of the Company, from budgeting and compiling work procedures to personnel recruitment, coordination with franchisees, and management of the project on behalf of the National Roads Authority, Netivei Israel.

Amir has been with the Derech Eretz Group since 2003, having held several positions, including manager of the Enforcement Department of Highway 6 operation company from 2007 to 2009.

Amir holds a BA in Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University